Friday, May 06, 2011

Condoleezza Rice - still don't get it.

The former administration still feels the were on the right track invading and killing thousands of people in Iraq, due to 9/11. Because Saddam Hussein was a threath. Not because they would invade anyone, or  supported terrorist - but because - well just because.

Referencing a statement by former President George W. Bush that framed the perceived threat from Iraq in the context of the 9/11 attacks, O'Donnell said to Rice that "Iraq had nothing to do with September 11th." Rice responded, "after September 11th, of course you look at threats differently, your country has just been attacked, you know that you cannot allow threats to materialize."
Thats just plain stupid of course - so USA is attacked by terrorist, we have to kill anyone remotely dangerous out there?

Condoleezza Rice Discusses Iraq With Lawrence O'Donnell - at the HuffPost

Thursday, May 05, 2011

GOP letting the American people and democracy down

Democracy demands debate - free speech. It demands politicians to take up the fight and show the voters what they wants for the country.
Tonight the GOPs top-tier contenders are letting the American voters down. They don't want a debate - they just want to stand in each corner shouting. Shame on them

Jan Crawford - Five reasons why the debate tonight still matters

Only two opinions allowed?

Scott Adams - the creator of Dilbert - has some interesting insight into the debate about torture and the capture of Osama Bin Laden. What if - just if - the capture and killing of OBL was due to information subtracted from terrorist using torture - and we still shouldn't use it?

I wonder if our brains are natural two-bucket processors or if we have been trained that way by our adversarial political system. In the United States, every issue seems to get sorted into two buckets, with Democrats generally favoring one bucket and Republicans generally favoring the other. I wonder if our political system is making citizens dumber by encouraging us to think that there are only two valid opinions for every topic.
The two-bucket mind - by Scott Adams 

Torture by any name

The New York Times, as the US's leading news organisation, has harmed the public discourse by refusing to call torture by its proper name. This latest instance is just another example of how it has tied itself into knots in its ongoing attempt to avoid saying the obvious.
A short description on how the liberal media imploded in the aftermath of 9/11.

By Dan Kennedy at the Guardian 

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